Farmers Cooperative traces its roots back through Farmer's Union Cooperative Exchange based in Carmen, and Farmers Cooperative Elevator Association based in Cherokee.  Farmer's Union Cooperative Exchange originally incorporated on April 1, 1927.  Farmers Cooperative Elevator Association originally incorporated March 17, 1934.  The two companies merged August 1, 1990 to form Farmers Cooperative. In January 2019 Farmers cooperative added Ames and Drummond. 

Farmers Cooperative currently has grain and retail operations proudly serving the communities of Carmen, Cherokee, Aline, Ames, and Drummond, Oklahoma. The oldest financial statements found are from 1936.  Sales that year included Wheat $128,621, Corn $9,982, Oats $4,658, Kaffir $4,847, Barley $1,574, Coal $5,454, and warehouse items $9,192 for total sales in 1936 of $164,328.  

Mission: To enhance the business of our Farmer-Owners.

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